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                一定发是一支伴随着中国家电业不断发展壮大而迅速崛起的一支新生力量。一定发与合肥工业大学和滁州学院形成良到了好的产、学、研关系。一定发技术力量雄□ 厚,加工设备齐●全,拥有经验紅色大繭丰富的各类专业技术人才及加工精准的各类机械加工设备和完善的质量检测设施。一定发主要设计、制造各◥类专机、发泡模具、发泡夹具、真╳空成型模具、冷冲模具、冰箱(洗衣机、冷柜、空调)成套生产线、汽车焊装、座椅发泡、内饰件产貴賓品、环保行业、聚氨脂板等。在“追求卓越,我们永不止步”信念的引导下,一定发不断消化吸收国内外先进技●术并逐渐形成了一套完善的质量保证体系◥和设计制造工艺,产品↘以技术先进、性能稳定、交货及时和服务周到而逐渐赢而這一千五百個玄仙得了国内外客户的▃青睐。
                “团结、拼搏、创新、跨越”历来是安徽一定发ξ家电成套设备有限一定发ζ 上下一致秉承的核心文化理念。而“坚持做世界上最好的模具和他們可不敢有什么異動设备”则是企业上下孜孜不倦〓的追求目标,一定发坚信在「家电、汽车、装备雷波和黑執法笑著說道模具行业这个大同的世界里我╲们安徽一定发家电成套设备有限〒一定发将永远创造卐大不同!



                Anhui Xingyuan Electrical Appliance Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the design, processing, manufacturing household appliances complete sets of equipment and mould of new private joint-stock manufacturing enterprises, the company is located in Anhui County of Quanjiao Province Economic Development Zone by a road, traffic convenience, fast transportation.
                The company is a with Chinese appliance industry grow continuously and the rapid rise of a new force. Company and HeFei University of Technology and Chuzhou University to form a good production, learning and research, relationship. Company has strong technical strength, complete processing equipment, has experienced all kinds of professional and technical personnel and the processing precision of all kinds of mechanical processing equipment and perfect quality testing facilities. The company mainly design, manufacture various types of plane, foaming mould, foaming clamp, vacuum forming mould, cold punching mould (washing machine, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioning), complete production line for automobile welding, seat foam, interior parts, environmental protection industry, polyurethane board etc.. In the "pursuit of excellence, we will never stop under the guidance of" faith, the company continued to absorb advanced technology from home and abroad and gradually formed a set of perfect quality assurance system and the design and manufacturing process, products with advanced technology, stable performance, timely delivery and thoughtful service and gradually to win customers at home and abroad.
                "Unity, hard work, innovation, cross" has always been Anhui Xingyuan electrical appliances complete equipment limited company unanimously to uphold the core cultural ideas. And "do mould and equipment is the best in the world is the enterprise under the tireless pursuit of the goal, the company believes in home appliances, automobile, equipment and mould industries in the Datong world we Anhui Xingyuan Electrical Appliance Complete Equipment Co., Ltd will always make a big difference!

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